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About Harbor of Hope Dog Rescue

We are a non-profit dog rescue that is comprised entirely of dedicated and compassionate foster homes ready to provide a safe haven from life’s storms. We cannot stop the world from being cruel, but we can offer a safe, loving and restorative place where dogs are protected from the harshness of life and given a chance to recover and heal.

We promise to provide them with complete vet care, nutritious food, enrichment and training opportunities, all while surrounding them with love and hope. When we look at their faces, we see endless possibilities.

We offer them love to show them that life isn’t always about merely surviving. It is about thriving.



We offer them time to let their guard down long enough to learn how to be loved.


And most importantly, we offer them hope that there truly is more to life than what they’ve previously known.

Adoption Testimonials

Getting to know the folks at Harbor of Hope and the experience we had going through a thorough adoption process has been wonderful. We are so thankful that we found this organization and our furry buddy Venny. I recommend them to anybody I hear talking about getting a dog.

A little over two weeks ago sweet Daisy joined our family. She gave us HOPE that life would feel normal again after the loss of our dog Piper.  Her big brother Gus was so sad without his sister, and now he is one happy camper with Daisy by his side. As for Daisy, we're pretty sure she loves us as much as we love her!

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